Graduation Green Theme

Graduation Green theme

Celebrating with Graduation Green Theme Decorations


You absolutely want your graduation party to be a standout moment, right? Well, at Robbie’s Decorations, that’s exactly what we’re all about – making your celebration something truly special and unique. Picture this: we’re not just decorators; we’re seasoned experts in turning your graduation bash into an unforgettable experience. We get how important it is to make it personal, working closely with you to bring your dream celebration to life. Whether it’s a cozy get-together or a grand affair, we sprinkle creativity and close attention into every detail. Go green with our amazing grad party decorations in Melbourne, where we transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Ready to make memories? Let’s get started!
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What’s Included:

  • Three colours Balloons set
  • Two arch’s backdrop
  • Costume name stickers
  • Artificial Flowers 2 set
  • Can choose three plinths to come with this set