Mickey Decoration 1 Theme

Mickey decoration

Celebrating with Mickey Decoration 1 Theme


Turn your beloved childhood character into the star of your birthday bash with Robbie’s Mickey Decoration 1 theme. Our team is all about making memories that stick with you, using decorations that are truly magical and captivating. We get how personal this is for you, so we team up with you to make your ideas real. Whether it’s a small gathering or a big party, we put a ton of creativity and careful attention into every event we create. With lots of experience in the industry, we’re the ones to trust when it comes to planning the perfect celebration. Let’s bring Mickey’s charm to life at your special event!

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What’s Included:

  • Round Mickey backdrop 
  • 2 tower backdrops 
  • Balloon matching theme 
  • 2 Round Plinths 3 square plinths
  • Rectangular center cake stand 
  • Mickey dulls
  • 2 Mickey cut out 
  • Matching set Cake